Here are some questions and answers I came up with, which potentially answer some of the ones that will eventually come up.

Q: WHY?!

A: The motivation for this project was mainly experimentation. If you look at today’s JavaScript runtimes they seem to have a similar model: on one hand we have browsers and on the server side we have Node, but both follow a similar event-driven model. Skookum JS follows the more “traditional” model of providing all the low level primitives required to build different kinds of abstractions, an event-driven model being just one of them.

Q: Does it work on <insert your OS of choice>?

A: At the moment sjs works only on GNU/Linux and OSX. Adding support for other Unix platforms should be easy enough and contributions are more than welcome. Windows support is not currently planned in the short term.

Q: Do Nodejs modules work with Skookum JS?

A: Most likely not. Some of them might, but if a module uses any Node or browser specifics (such as process) it won’t. In addition, sjs does not read package.json files nor search for modules in node_mules directories. This is by design.

Q: How can I install modules?

A: At the moment there is no packaging system, so putting them in a directory in the sjs search path is the only option. Let’s say cp is our current package manager :-)